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This section is intended to give you the information about the utility and use of personal data that we collect when you visit our website, when creating your customer account, when ordering at your contact with the customer relationship.


The datas are collected by


Bermuda Triangle Limited
Room 747, 7/f, Star House
3 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong


The information we collect helps us to personalize and improve your shopping experience at We use that data to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments and communicate with you about orders, services and promotional offers. We also use this information for statistical studies in order to improve our stores and offers the most relevant products.


When you visit our website, we may ask you for information through the registration of your account. It is also possible that we will ask information via survey or forms.

Requested and market information by an asterisk are required. They are required to process your requests. Other information is intended to know you better, and are, therefore, optional.


To facilitate your purchases, we keep in memory your shopping cart through a cookie. If your account is activated, we record and store your cart that allow you to make your purchase later. We may send you electronic communications to inform you about the status of you cart.


When you visit, information about your browsing may be saved through files “cookies” installed on your device. To the extent that you are identified, we may associate your browsing data with your personal data to offer you personalized offers adapted to your interests. You may, at any time, ask us not to receive offers adapted to your terminal navigation information.

For any request, please contact our customer service by email: us [email protected]

COMMERCIAL OFFERS & NEWSLETTERS will send you its commercial offers by email, text message, if you have accepted it, but also by post or telephone, if you have not opposed it.

At any time, you can refuse without any charge about the commercial prospecting of Triangle des Bermudes. You can also make a request by logging into your account and sending an email at (Contact us by email).


The information is intended to Triangle des Bermudes, in charge of treatment.

Unless your opposition when collecting your data, your information may be, if any, shared with our business partners that can send you their commercial offers by email.

Information gathered will eventually be shared with a third parties relating to Triangle des Bermudes by contract for the execution of subcontracted tasks required to manage your account, your orders and payments.


You can, at any time, have access and change your contact information in your personal account through « change your account » and manage your newsletters in « change your newsletters » space.


To assure payment security, Triangle des Bermudes uses Paypal services associated with SSL encryption. This device is an international safety standard which aims to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of cardholder data, and so secure the protection of card and transaction data.

When you place an order on, our order system connects in real time with PAYPAL system that collects data and carries out various checks to prevent abuse and fraud. Data are stored on PAYPAL servers and are not, at any time, transmitted on the servers of the Triangle des Bermudes. PAYPAL requested authorization from the bank and we transmit a transaction number that allows operations to the amount of the authorization.


This topic « COOKIES » allows you to learn more about the origin and the use of navigation information processed during your visit to our website and your rights.

This topic is important to you, who wants to have a positive and confident experience of our services and for us who wish to respond accurately to your questions about your visit to our website and consider your expectations.

Thus, when viewing our website, information about the navigation of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on our website may be recorded in “Cookies” files installed on your device. In addition, we may buy advertising space directly or through our suppliers (advertising agencies, advertising boards) to promote our business and offers on websites / applications of third parties, through advertising content (text, graphics, animation, videos, etc.) broadcast on these websites / applications. Be aware that only the sender of a cookie is likely to read or edit information.


When you log into our website, we may, subject to your choice, install various cookies in your terminal allowing us to recognize the browser of your terminal during the period of validity of the cookie in question.

These Cookies allow us to

  • to prepare statistics and volumes of traffic and use of the various components of our website (headings and contents visited, routes). The objective is to improve the value and usability of our services ;
  • to adapt the presentation of our website to your terminal display preferences (language, screen resolution, operating system, etc.) during your visits to our website, adapted to the hardware and visualization software or read that your terminal contain ;
  • storing information from a form that you filled on our website (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information you have chosen on our website (subscribed service, content of a shopping cart , etc.) ;
  • allow you to access to restricted and personal areas of our website, such as your account through identifiers or data you may have previously entrusted to us ;
  • implement security measures, such as when you are asked to sign in again with a content or service after a certain period of time.

The advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) distributed in our advertising spaces may contain cookies sent by third parties. The issue and the use of cookies by such third parties are subject to the protection of privacy policies of these third parties.

These Cookies help them during the period of validity to

  • count the number of displays advertising content broadcast via our advertising spaces, identify and advertisements displayed the number of users who clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the amounts due to this fact and to establish statistics ;
  • to recognize your device at its subsequent browsing of any site or service on which these advertisers or those third parties also issue cookies and, if necessary, adapt these third party sites and services or advertising they broadcast, the your navigation device they may have knowledge.

When you access a website / application containing advertising of Triangle des Bermudes, this announcement may contain a cookie. This cookie may, subject to your choices, to be stored in your device and enable us to recognize the browser of your terminal during the period of validity of the cookie in question.

These Cookies are used

  • to record the number of displays and activations of our advertising content on the sites / applications from third parties, to identify these contents and websites / applications, identify the number of users who clicked on each content ;
  • to calculate amounts owed to players in the ad delivery chain (communication agency, advertising, website / distribution medium), and to establish statistics ;
  • to adapt the presentation of the site which leads one of our advertising content depending on your terminal display preferences (language, display resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our website and in materials and viewing or playback software for your device comprises and according to the location data (longitude and latitude) transmitted to us (or our suppliers) your device with your prior consent ;
  • to monitor subsequent browsing done by your terminal on sites / applications or other advertising content we operate cookies.

The objective of the Triangle des Bermudes is to present the most relevant ads possible. To this end, cookie technology to determine real-time which ad to display to a terminal, according to a recent browsing (on) or more sites or applications.
Your interest in the advertising content that are displayed on your device when you visit a site often determines the advertising resources of it, allowing it to operate its services, often provided free of charge to users. You probably prefer to have displayed ads that match what you are interested in rather than ads that have no interest for you. Similarly, advertisers who want their broadcast commercials, are interested in posting their offers to users most likely to be interested in them.


Triangle des Bermudes can not ensure with certainty that services and advertisements for your terminal correspond to your use of this terminal and not to any other user of that terminal.

Sharing with other people using your terminal and configuring your browser settings against cookies are your choice and your responsibility.

Your choice concerning cookies

Several options are available to manage cookies. Any settings that you can undertake will likely change your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services that require the use of Cookies.

You can choose at any time to express and edit your wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

The choices offered to you by your browser

You can set your browser so that cookies are stored on your device or on the contrary, they are rejected, either systematically or according to their issuer. You can also set your browser so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies you will be offered promptly, before a cookie is likely to be saved in your device.

The agreement on Cookies

Registering a cookie in a terminal is essentially subordinate to the will of the user of the terminal, the latter can express and modify at any time and free of charge through the choices that are offered to him by his browser.

If you accepted in your browser recording cookies in your terminal, cookies embedded in the pages and contents have been read can be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of your Terminal. They will be readable only by their issuer.

The rejection of Cookies

If you reject the registration in your terminal cookies we issue, or if you delete those we recorded it, you can not take advantage of a number of features that are needed to navigate certain areas of our website. This would be the case if you were trying to access our content or services that require identification. That is also the case when we could not recognize for purposes of technical compatibility, browser type used by your terminal, its language and display settings or the country from which your terminal seems connected to the Internet.

If so, Triangle des Bermudes declines any responsibility for the consequences related to impaired operation of our services due to the impossibility for us to record or view the cookies required for their operation and that you have refused or deleted.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you are using ?

For managing cookies and your choices, configuring each browser is different. It is described in the help menu on your browser, allowing you to learn how to change your wishes regarding cookies.

  • For Internet Explorer™ : open the Tools menu and select Internet Options; Click the Privacy tab and select the desired level
  • For Firefox™ : open the Tools menu and select Options; Click the Privacy tab and select the desired options
  • For Chrome™ : open the setup menu (wheels wrench logo) and select Settings; click Advanced Settings and Content Settings, and then select the desired options
  • For Safari™ : choose Safari > Preferences and click Security; click Show cookies and select the desired options
  • For Opera™ : open the Tools menu and select Preferences; click the Advanced tab, and then under the heading Cookies click Manage cookies; select the desired options

Our website uses computer applications from third parties, which allow the user to share content to our site with other people or to inform these other people their opinions about content of our website. Such is the case of the buttons “Share”, “Like”, from social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
Lorsque le client consulte une page du site contenant un tel bouton, son navigateur établit une connexion directe avec les serveurs du réseau social.

If the client is connected to the social network while browsing, application buttons to link pages accessed their account. If it interacts with plug-ins, for example by clicking on “Like” or by leaving a comment, the corresponding information will be forwarded to social network and published on its account.

If the customer does not want the social network links the information collected through their account, it must be disconnected from the social network before visiting
We invite you to review the privacy policies of these social networks to be aware of the purpose of use, including advertising, navigation information they can collect through these application buttons.


You can log in to the site Youronlinechoices proposed by professional digital advertising grouped within the European Association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

You will be able to know the companies listed on this platform and offer you the opportunity to deny or accept cookies used by these companies to suit your browsing information advertisements may be displayed on your terminal

This European platform is shared by hundreds of professional advertising on the Internet and provides a centralized interface allowing you to express your refusal or acceptance of cookies that may be used to adapt to the navigation of your terminal advertisements may be displayed to them.

Note that this will not prevent the display of advertisements on the websites you visit. It will block only the technologies to adapt advertisements to

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