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Top 5 bermuda shorts to wear absolutely during your summers

True essential during your summer, Bermuda shorts are declined in several cuts and materials to allow you to choose yours according to your morphology and your need. Whether at work, on a hike or on a seaside escape, bermuda shorts will adapt to your activities to ensure a successful look. A quick overview of the Top 5 bermuda shorts to wear absolutely during your summers.


With a shape that perfectly matches the shape of your body (hips down), Jean Slim Bermuda Shorts remains a classic and essential model. More often recommended and worn by thin morphologies, this type of Bermuda shorts is now worn by more voluminous people to bring out the shapes and curves for a look completely assumed. This trendy Bermuda shorts with 5 stretch pockets will give you an absolutely chic, elegant and dynamic look.

To complete your outfit, we advise you to choose a loose-fitting top to avoid a too tight look from head to toe. For men, a summer shirt will be perfectly associated. For women, a small fluid top will be privileged to keep a total chic summer look.

On the feet, moccasins for a smart look or sneakers for a casual look for men. Also, sneakers or pumps for women.

Jean Slim Bermuda Shorts are for both women and men. Finally, Jean Slim Bermuda Shorts are available in a multitude of colors to satisfy all desires and needs.

Tip: choose a pair os Bermuda shorts 100% Garment dyed, this guarantees you an intact and durable colors.

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Both classic and essential, Chino Bermuda Shorts perfectly highlights your figure with an elegant cut. While ensuring a relaxed position, these Bermuda shorts offer a chic and modern look. You do not lose comfort thanks to a flexible and elastic material.

The major asset of Chino Bermuda Shorts? To be worn everywhere, in all circumstances. Whether for a chic evening, traveling, golf, boat trip and even a simple shopping outing, its elegance will follow you everywhere.

This type of Bermuda shorts can be worn by all morphologies, whether for the thinnest or round people. To complete their outfit, men will opt for a plain t-shirt or a fluid shirt, perfectly complementary to their Bermuda shorts. For women, the shirt will also be a wise choice. The united top is also a sure bet for a trendy and chic summer look, no matter what you do.

At the feet, Chino Bermuda Shorts will adapt perfectly to all the situations and the time of your day: in the evening with the moccasins for the men and shoes pumps for women. During your sports activities, to complete your golf outfit (men / women) and finally in a totally relaxed style during your boat trips with our canvas shoes.

The Chino Bermuda Shorts exists for women as well as men. Enjoy a wide choice of colors to create the outfits that will brighten your summer.

Tip: adjust your Bermuda shorts with a small lapel for a dynamic look

Tip: choose a 100% Garment dyed bermuda shorts, this guarantees an intact and durable colors.

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Relaxed Fit Bermuda Shorts are halfway between Jean Slim Bermuda Shorts by its cut, and Chino Bermuda Shorts by its appearance and usefulness. Very elegant and trendy short, its stretch material fits perfectly to your silhouette. These Bermuda shorts can be worn by all body types without losing its strengths and undeniable comfort.  

Like its counterpart Chino Bermuda Shorts, Relaxed Fit Bermuda Shorts will be an integral part of your dressing as its usefulness is infinite. Whether for a chic evening or for a sportier outing such as the Golf, these Bermuda shorts will fit and give you the perfect look. Do you receive friends for dinner? the wearing of these shorts will distinguish you by your ease and your style.

These Relaxed Fit Bermuda Shorts will complement a fluid shirt or polo for a casual, elegant style. At the feet, the traditional loafers will bring a chic touch, sneakers will give you a sportswear look. Not to mention our traditional canvas shoes, a real mat for your sea trips or shopping outings.

In terms of colors, you will be able to discover many unique and original colors which will bring to your looks an exceptional and timeless aspect.

Tip: adjust your Bermuda shorts with a small lapel for a dynamic look.

Tip: choose a 100% Garment dyed bermuda shorts, this guarantees an intact and durable colors.

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Cargo Bermuda Shorts offer a very current style that will seduce today’s adventurers for an outdoor look. With its side pockets with gussets, these Bermuda shorts give off a casual look totally assumed while promising comfort and elegance.

Truly timeless, a pair of Cargo Bermuda Shorts will appeal to all body types and nature lovers. Before any practice, these Bermuda shorts will accompany you throughout your summer and during your various hikes.

Another advantage of Cargo Bermuda Shorts, is also their ability to adapt to various environments and activities. It will be easy for you to wear Bermuda shorts with a simple t-shirt for a casual look or a fluid shirt for a more chic touch, all in a spirit of lightness and authenticity.

At the feet, a pair of Cargo Bermuda Shorts retains all its practicality. Moccasins, sneakers or our canvas shoes, just choose your pair of shoes, Cargo Bermuda Shorts, are responsible for giving you the expected look without the slightest risk of a possible lack of taste.

For colors, Cargo Bermuda Shorts exist in its traditional colors Kaki and Beige, but you can also find it in trendier and more fashionable colors: tangerine, anise, yellow, jeans…

Tip: choose a 100% Garment dyed bermuda shorts, this guarantees an intact and durable colors.

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These Lightweight French Terry Bermuda Shorts are made of cotton, pre-shrunk fleece (french-terry) with 2 pockets at the front and a back pocket. Fall for the sporty chic look with this trendy French terry style. These Bermuda shorts are simply the definition of comfort. One of its strengths is to be unisex and to be able to be worn by all the morphologies.

These Lightweight French Terry Bermuda Shorts can also be worn in many circumstances without losing elegance. These shorts are a real must-have among the pieces to adopt and wear during your holidays.

A walk to the market, an evening stroll and even traveling, Lightweight French Terry Bermuda Shorts will accompany you with lightness and simplicity.

Its streetwear material allows both women and men to combine easily with a simple t-shirt or a polo shirt. For cool evenings, add a French Terry Sweater to maintain your comfort with style and relaxation. At the feet, the traditional sneakers will offer you a very sportswear look, while our canvas shoes shoe will give you a touch of chic.

Available in about fifteen colors, Lightweight French Terry Bermuda Shorts will assert and radiate your holidays.

Tip: choose a 100% Garment dyed bermuda shorts, this guarantees an intact and durable colors.

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